Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Plea for the Neediest

Times are tight here at the World of Dr Justice.  What with the recession, the sequester, plus certain bad bets on bullion, we have had to “tighten our belts” as the saying goes, being driven to such extremities as these:

* We have cut back from the thirty-year-old Scotch to the fifteen.  (Can’t taste the difference, frankly, but there go the bragging rights.)

* Our Caribbean yacht is up in drydock.  (Mercifully, the Mediterranean cruiser is still in service;  don’t know what we’d do without it.)

* We have had to furlough one of our butlers.  (Carruthers now sits in his frock-coat, alone on a park bench, disconsolately poisoning the pigeons.)

“Good gracious!” you exclaim.  “We had no idea it was so bad!  Whatever can we do to help?”
Glad you asked …

A single mouse-click, easily executed with either the right forefinger or the left according to preference, will whisk you to the lavish site of

            Lingua Sacra Publishing

There, for less than the cost of a Richebourg Grand Cru,  you can purchase multiple copies of all my books.

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